Cumeragh House Shires

Barnard Castle, County Durham.

01833 631612

Breeds: Shire, Clydesdale.

The Cumeragh House prefix was established by Lew forty years ago. Ever since then he has endeavoured to produce horses of correct conformation and type with a particular emphasis on big deep bodied horses with good limbs and deep sound feet. To this end he has always been on the lookout for good colts to bring on as potential stallions. This has resulted in a succession of premium and super premium stallions standing at stud. Eg Blackden Mascot, Bodernog Baron, Whittlesey Winston, Cumeragh House King Edward, Millhouse Deano, Trem-y-Wydffa Mascot and Cumeragh House Desperate Dan.

Although Lew and Ted’s farming businesses are separate the prefix covers both. Our aim is to continue to produce top quality horses which will do their job wherever they go. Some young horses are shown at local shows but they are never pushed to get them show fit and are allowed to grow and mature naturally. We are more interested in the long term health and soundness of the horses than prizes for youngstock.

We welcome visitors and potential customers to view our horses, but as these are busy working farms we cannot guarantee that we will have the time to show unexpected visitors around therefore we respectfully request that you contact us prior to your visit, thank you.